New Work 2017-2018 @ Room 83 Spring

On February 24th, I had a closing reception for my winter residency at the Room 83 Spring gallery in Watertown, MA. I had been working in the studio for 2 solid months on both new and continuing works in oil and acrylic. I learned a lot from the experience, mainly that making large-scale oil paintings is a time-intensive process and that residencies don't have to conclude with finished work. It seems like two very obvious observations to make, but when you've got your head down and are spending most waking time working (either at your 9-5 or your residency across town) you tend to lose a bit of perspective. 

My most recent work has dealt with body dysmorphia, childhood and adulthood trauma, the tenacity of the spirit to adapt to new trauma, the deep divide between people and opposing world views, the nuances of communication and horror of misunderstanding, the pure ecstasy of life, the joining of bodies and minds in harmony, and the reconciliation of the past with the present. 

I am deeply humbled by the opportunity to work freely in such an amazing space thanks to the kind people at Room 83 Spring. Big thank you to Cathleen Daley and Ellen Wineberg for letting me be myself and learn and grow in their beautiful gallery. I can also never downplay the love and support from my friends and family, who have offered insights and reflections on my work and help to make this life a lot less lonely. Until next time!

All photos: Cathleen Daley