Photo by  A.Winchester

Photo by A.Winchester

I am primarily a painter based in MA, but have worked in other 2D media such as graphite, ink, and collage. Inspired by visionaries ranging from Francis Bacon to Steve Reich, I am currently navigating a vivid pictorial space informed as much by landscape as by figurative gesture and presence.

Often working from improvisation in a mode of abstraction, I layer and build spaces of balance and movement in the pursuit of portraying the effects of trauma on the human spirit and body. The ecstasy of existence plays as much of a role in my work as pain and existential dread. I am steadily building a language that is intended to weave a personal narrative and simultaneously create a sympathetic and more universal reading, and I invite the viewer to personally interpret what they are seeing. No interpretation is "false.”

For inquiries, please write me:

chrisvillonart at gmail dot com